The new Wind collection comes out twice a year, guaranteeing the range follows the most current trends. The collection includes both softer colours as well as bold, dramatic structures. Wind interior design fabrics are suitable for public spaces and private residences. The collections include high quality, flame retardant Trevira fabrics, natural fibres and blended fabrics. Click here for more

Minimum order: 1 metre

Manufacturer: Wind Ltd, Belgium,

Sample hangers: To order, sample fabrics at the M2 Showroom

Materials: Trevira, blended and natural materials. Interior design, curtain and upholstery fabrics.  


The Höpke Textiles house is known as a versatile manufacturer of interior and exterior furnishing fabrics. Able to withstand sunlight and harsh weather conditions, these outdoor furnishing fabrics are in a league of their own. Höpke manufactures durable and flame retardant fabrics that are upholstery-friendly and also suitable as interior fabrics. Click here for more


​Minimum order: 1 metre

Manufacturer: Höpke Tekstilien GmbH, Germany,

Samples: To order, sample books at the M2 Showroom

Materials: Trevira, blended and natural materials. Weatherproof textiles for outdoor furnishings.  


​The Austrian fabric house’s roots date back to the 1800s. Backhausen is known for high quality wool fabrics and their proficiency in top technical weaving. The stunning new Urban Collection will change the way you see wool fabrics.


Minimum order: 1 metre

Manufacturer: Backhausen GmbH, Austria,

Samples: To order, sample books at the M2 Showroom

Materials: Trevira, blended and natural materials.




Naturex manufactures eye-catching textiles for soft furnishings and furniture upholstery, as well as for carpets. The materials are durable, bold in structure and colour. They are also ideally suited for dramatically furnished spaces. Naturtex materials are also used in Nike footwear, car upholstery and wall panelling.

Click here for more  


Manufacturer: Naturtex S.L., Spain

Samples: To order, sample books at the M2 Showroom

Materials: Synthetic and natural materials. ​


Acoustic felt has been developed for the efficient management of the acoustics in public spaces and homes. The material is flame retardant, tightly woven, and works well on a multitude of surfaces. The material can be used e.g. on acoustic panelling, room dividers and panelled curtains. Our collection includes seven colours in addition to a clean white. The felt-like, contoured surface is stylish as it is, but a motif, logo or text of the customer’s choice can also be printed onto its surface. Acoustic felt is sold by the metre, or instead we also supply acoustic panelling which is measured-to-order. Order sample materials by filling in our e-form, and explore the many possibilities this material can offer.


Width: 170 cm

Manufacturing materials: Polyester, Nylon, Rayon

Ordering: Per metre, minimum order 1 m

Quality: Flame retardant, public space approved

Colour options: 7 colours + white

Use: For acoustic management, on panelling and panelled curtains

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